Bedford fraudster told to repay £10k or face jail after insurance sting

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A senior support worker who told appalling lies in a bid for £1m compensation after a fatal road crash has been ordered to pay a £10,000 fine or go to jail.

Aleksandar Kovacic claimed he could hardly walk, couldn’t drive and was unable to look after his children following the crash that cost a pensioner her life.

Court News.

Court News.

But the 43-year-old was filmed in a video surveillance sting enjoying a trip to the seaside, walking with ease, carrying shopping and taking his children to school, a High Court Judge heard.

Kovacic, from Hastings Road, Kempston, launched his seven-figure claim after the 2010 head-on-collision that killed the other driver, 68-year-old Norma Wroe.

But he got just a tenth of the sum – £95,114 – after it was decided he’d deliberately exaggerated his disabilities and tried to ‘play-act’.

Insurers Aviva then pursued him for contempt of court – and this week he was hit with the £10,000 fine and a three-month suspended prison sentence.

Judge Mr Justice Spencer told him he had come “very close” to going straight to jail.

He said: “You had a perfectly good claim for damages and liability was never in dispute. Yet, as time went on, you deliberately and dishonestly exaggerated the level of your disability to increase the amount of damages you might recover.

“But for the video surveillance, you might have succeeded.”

Kovacic suffered fractures to both legs, his right arm, a rib and his back. He was in hospital for two months and had further surgery after his wounds became infected.

In his insurance claim he said he could barely walk, could not work and was suffering depression.

But Aviva’s videos in 2013 showed him driving his family 180 miles to Skegness, lying on the beach and getting in and out of his car easily.

Yet two years later, when visiting a medical expert, he used a walking stick and appeared to limp.

Kovacic turned down a £350,000 pre-trial offer of settlement and now the costs of the case means he will come away with little or nothing.