Bedford drug ‘peddlers of misery’ jailed after being found with gun, ammunition, heroin and cash stash

A Bedford drugs duo were found to be hoarding a gun, ammuntion and Class A drugs after being spotted driving a stolen car.

Habib Gohar, 19, of Coxs Close, and Hassan Nazir, 20, of Cromwell Road, were spotted driving the car stolen from Cambridgeshire in Queens Park, Bedford, on January 5 last year.

Gohar (left) and Nazir (right)

Gohar (left) and Nazir (right)

Three days later, officers searched Gohar’s address to look for the car keys. During the search they found a gun, three rounds of ammunition, heroin, cash, and other items associated with drug dealing.

Crack cocaine, heroin, and a magazine compatible with the seized firearm were then recovered from the stolen vehicle.

The duo, described by His Honour Judge Foster as ‘peddlers in misery’, were sentenced at Luton Crown Court on Thursday, February 14.

Gohar was sentenced to eight years in prison for a number of offences including possession of a firearm and possession with intent to Class A drugs, while Nazir received a nine year sentence after being found guilty of the same offences.

Detective Constable Jay Watts said: “Thankfully, two dangerous individuals, along with their potentially lethal firearm, are now safely off the streets and unable to cause harm.

“When it was seized, the gun was examined and found to be a blank firing pistol - which had been converted to fire live ammunition. Tests confirmed that because of its conversion, it was now a fully-automatic weapon capable of lethal discharge.

“We will not tolerate those who seek to bring harm to our communities through drug dealing and violent crime, and we’re pleased that justice has been done today.”