Bedford Dad became a drug dealer to ‘help his kids’

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A Bedford drug dealer caught red-handed with a huge amount of cannabis and £1,000 cash in his car will serve only a few months in prison.

Stephen Johnstone, 30, was stopped by police in Ford End Road after reports he had been acting suspiciously.

Officers searched the car and found almost half a kilo of cannabis with a street value of up to £4,200.

They also discovered the cash and a small amount of cocaine.

When Johnstone’s mobile phone was examined, text messages showed he was clearly dealing in cannabis.

He told police he had saved up to buy the cannabis and said he had hoped to sell it over the next three to four weeks to pay for a holiday for his family.

The court heard Johnstone was out of work and felt that selling drugs was the only way he could provide for his children.

He pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis with intent to supply and simple possession of cocaine.

Passing sentence, Judge Michael Kay told Johnstone “This was more than a small scale operation. You are dealing in cannabis worth thousands of pounds.It was a calculated course of conduct to trade in illegal drugs in order to get money.”

The judge added: “You have learned a hard lesson that if you deal in cannabis on this sort of scale you will end up in prison.”

Johnstone was given a sentence of 10 months.