Bedford CND campaigners get knitting to spread their message

Knitting protest.
Knitting protest.

CND campaigners joined together to knit a giant woolly scarf to help promote their anti-nuclear weapons message.

The brightly coloured pink scarf stretched the seven miles between Aldermaston and Burghfield near Reading to draw public attention to the two main places where UK nuclear weapons are made.

Bedford CND members did their bit creating 30ft of scarf, which was also wrapped around London Ministry Defence buildings on The Embankment in London earlier this year, to promote the ongoing campaign for disarmament.

Groups are now converting their sections of scarf to help the needy. Bristol CND has turned theirs into woollies for child victims of war in Kurdistan. Knighton CND has done the same for refugee camps in Syria and Tanzania and other sections have gone to homeless shelters in the UK.

Knitters in Bedford can help by contacting Liz Silk on 01234 217575.