Bedford Borough elections: The full list of candidates

Bedford goes to the polls next month, when all 40 council seats are up for election.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 5th April 2019, 12:23 pm
Updated Friday, 5th April 2019, 12:47 pm
Local elections take place on May 2.
Local elections take place on May 2.

Although the town currently has a Lib Dem directly-elected mayor, the Conservatives are the largest party at Borough Hall with 15 councillors.

But they are not part of mayor Dave Hodgson’s cabinet, and are outnumbered by the combined number of Labour (14) and the Lib Dem (nine) councillors.

There are also two Independents currently sitting on the council.

The list of wards and candidates:

Brickhill (two seats)

Nigel Ernest Haughton (Conservative)

Sudesh Retout Tim Rani (Labour)

Wendy Rider (Liberal Democrat)

Charles Royden (Liberal Democrat)

Matt Stanbra (Conservative)

Cathrine Ward (Labour)

Bromham and Biddenham (two seats)

Gordon William Charlton (Labour)

Ollie Charlton (Labour)

Jon Gambold (Conservative)

Samuel John Charles Matthews (Liberal Democrat)

Stelios Mores (Liberal Democrat)

Roger Rigby (Conservative)

Castle (two seats)

Karen Rosalie Boyes (Conservative)

Lucy Clare Bywater (Green)

Ben Foley (Green)

Lorna Rose Marchant (Liberal Democrat)

Luigi Reale (Labour)

Robert John Rigby (Conservative)

Louise Whatham (Labour)

Pat Wood (Liberal Democrat)

Cauldwell (two seats)

Kim Haskins (Green)

Mohammed Nurul Islam (Conservative)

Jacob Sale (Liberal Democrat)

Abu Sultan (Labour)

Joy Ruth Winder (Liberal Democrat)

Fouzia Zamir (Labour)

Clapham (one seat)

Eric Charles Cooper (Renew)

Stephen John Rutherford (Liberal Democrat)

Lynne Wady (Labour)

Jane Anne Walker (Conservative)

De Parys (two seats)

Robin Illingworth (Conservative)

David Alexander Sawyer (Liberal Democrat)

Conny Smith (Labour)

Andrea Spice (Conservative)

Laurence David Russell Turner (Labour)

Henry Paul Vann (Liberal Democrat)

Eastcotts (one seat)

Sam Ancliff (Conservative)

Sarah Gallagher (Liberal Democrat)

Mansoor Nasir (Labour)

Elstow & Stewartby (one seat)

Jade Melissa Ancliff (Conservative)

Tim Hill (Liberal Democrat)

Anne Saunders (Labour)

Goldington (two seats)

Tim Caswell (Liberal Democrat)

Jennifer Foley (Green)

Philippa Deirore Nell Fleming (Green)

Anthony James Forth (Labour)

Adrian John Haynes (UKIP)

Jenny Hedworth (Conservative)

Philip John Merryman (Conservative)

Christine Alison McHugh (Liberal Democrat)

Jade Chelsea Uko (Labour)

Great Barford (two seats)

Linda Carlton (Liberal Democrat)

Mark Fitzpatrick (Liberal Democrat)

Phillippa Anne Martin-Moran-Bryant (Conservative)

Stephen Moon (Conservative)

Silas Wady (Labour)

Tobias Waltham (Green)

Pauline Webb (Labour)

Harpur (two seats)

David John Allen (Independent)

Colleen Atkins (Labour)

Phoebe Ida-Anne Kirk-Fraiser (Conservative)

Louise Jackson (Labour)

Jason Christopher Whaley (Conservative)

Alexandra Laura Williams (Liberal Democrat)

Marion Wendy Zebedee-Topham (Liberal Democrat)

Harrold (one seat)

John Gerard Dawson (Labour)

Alison Jane Foster (Conservative)

Gary Nicholas Lloyd (Green)

Daniel Millington Norton (Liberal Democrat)

Kempston Central and East (two seats)

Kay Burley (Labour)

Hannah Farthing (Liberal Democrat)

Richard Douglas Hyde (Conservative)

Mohammed Nawaz (Labour)

Liam Anton Samuel Rees (Conservative)

Sarika Shah (Liberal Democrat)

Kempston North (one seat)

George Alfred Flaxman (Liberal Democrat)

Sue Oliver (Labour)

Alison Heather Parker (Green)

Kathy Stone (Conservative)

Kempston Rural (one seat)

Ashley Frith (Labour)

Steve Gallagher (Liberal Democrat)

Ann Hagen (Green)

Jim Weir (Conservative)

Kempston South (one seat)

Conrad Holden Longmore (Liberal Democrat)

Carl Rex Meader (Labour)

Barry Ryan (Conservative)

Kempston West (one seat)

Matt McCarthy (Conservative)

Bipinchandra Shah (Liberal Democrat)

James Emmanuel Valentine (Labour)

Kingsbrook (two seats)

Dean Gary Crofts (Liberal Democrat)

Wendie Harvey (Labour)

Martine Moon (Conservative)

James Saunders (Labour)

Patrick Solomon (Liberal Democrat)

Isabelle Sykes (Green)

Newnham (two seats)

Richard James Baker (Green)

Ceciliah Chigwada (Labour)

Alison Crook (Conservative)

Hilde Auguesta Emilia Hendrickx (Liberal Democrat)

Shane Kelly (Labour)

John Kenneth Samuel Mingay (Conservative)

Jake Sampson (Liberal Democrat)

Brant Tilds (Green)

Oakley (one seat)

Jon Abbott (Liberal Democrat)

Ian Alexander Baguley (Labour)

Andrew Michael Senior (Conservative)

Putnoe (two seats)

Dawn Allen (Conservative)

Lila Begum (Labour)

Michael Paul Headley (Liberal Democrat)

Kate Retout (Green)

Max Samuel Charles Royden (Liberal Democrat)

Mike Seamarks (Conservative)

Graham John Tranquada (Labour)

Queens Park (two seats)

Abdul Razakq Ahmed (Conservative)

Nesreen Akhtar (Labour)

Hannah Mary Jones (Green)

June Kuria (Conservative)

Mohammed Masud (Labour)

Taru Miah (Independent)

Michael Charles Pattison (Liberal Democrat)

Janet Elizabeth Trengrove (Liberal Democrat)

Riseley (one seat)

Liam Michael Martin-Day (Liberal Democrat)

Martin Edward James Towler (Conservative)

Martyn Jon Philip Wady (Labour)

Sharnbrook (one seat)

Paul Anthony Barton (Labour)

Doug McMurdo (Independent)

Martin Howard Quince (Conservative)

Bernadette Leonie Walsh-Mason (Liberal Democrat)

Wilshamstead (one seat)

Saqhib Ijthehad Ali (Labour)

Graeme Stuart Coombes (Conservative)

Malcolm Raymond Smith (Liberal Democrat)

Wootton (one seat)

Adrien Gordon Beardmore (Labour)

Bill Hall (UKIP)

Peter Stephens (Liberal Democrat)

John Stephen Wheeler (Conservative)

Wyboston (one seat)

Derek Anthony Eyre (Liberal Democrat)

Tom Wootton (Conservative)