Bedford Borough Council to change bin collections to every other week

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From Monday October 31, black lidded rubbish bins will be collected every other week.

This means all bins will be collected on an alternate weekly basis, one week the council will collect black lidded rubbish bin, and the following week the orange lidded recycling and green lidded garden waste bins will be collected.

In addition, changes to the garden waste collection service will be commencing in December.

These changes mean there will be no garden waste collections from the beginning of December until the beginning of March each year.

As well as this, the option to use green sacks has been removed - however, residents currently using green sacks will be able to request a green lidded garden waste bin for garden waste.

Flats that share a large four wheeled bin will continue to have their waste collected on a weekly basis however the council will reassess collections for these properties in the coming months.

All properties that are changing to an alternate weekly waste collection will be sent a leaflet later this month.

In addition, businesses’ trade waste and recycling collections provided by Bedford Borough Council will remain unchanged.

The changes come as Bedford Borough Council faces further government cuts which mean savings of over £27million will need to be made from its annual budget by 2020.

In addition, the £3million government funding supporting the continuation of the weekly waste collection service will end this year.

In response to concerns regarding health and hygiene relating the alternate weekly collections that were raised during public consultation, Bedford Borough Council would “like to reassure residents that there is no evidence that operating alternate weekly collections is a health hazard.”

The council can also provide additional bin capacity to those households with special circumstances, for example people with medical conditions or large households of six or more permanent residents.

One free roll of orange sacks can also be provided free to any household each year.