Bedford Borough Council election preview special: Goldington

Goldington was the tightest race from the 2015 election, with two Labour candidates now fighting for re-election.
Councillors Jade Uko and Anthoy ForthCouncillors Jade Uko and Anthoy Forth
Councillors Jade Uko and Anthoy Forth

Cllr Anthony Forth came in a comfortable first place four years ago, but fellow Labour member Jade Uko won the other seat by only 16 votes.

The Labour duo have been strong local campaigners, taking a lead on the battle to retain services at Putnoe Walk-In Centre.

However, the Lib Dems have shown their desire to reclaim the seat by putting up Christine McHugh, a former mayoral candidate and wife of the current mayor.

And the Conservatives’ candidates include Phil Merryman who is a former Lib Dem councillor for the ward.

Goldington has previously been safe Lib Dem territory, so the Labour campaign to protect the Walk-In Centre could be the key issue that decides the result.

The full list of candidates standing in Goldington:

Tim Caswell (Liberal Democrat)

Jennifer Foley (Green)

Philippa Deirore Nell Fleming (Green)

Anthony James Forth (Labour)

Adrian John Haynes (UKIP)

Jenny Hedworth (Conservative)

Philip John Merryman (Conservative)

Christine Alison McHugh (Liberal Democrat)

Jade Chelsea Uko (Labour)