Bedford and Milton Keynes Waterway Park proposed at the heart of new villages

The Bedford and Milton Keynes Waterway Park could be the central feature which links a number of new villages south of Milton Keynes and in the Marston Vale.

As one of its options for providing new homes Central Bedfordshire Council’s Local Plan consultation proposes a series of new villages in the Marston Vale and near Aspley Guise.

In the Marston Vale the proposed villages would be focussed around the new Waterway linking Brogborough and Stewartby lakes and this theme would be continued to the south of Milton Keynes.

Jane Hamilton, chair of the Bedford and Milton Keynes Waterway Trust said: “We are delighted that the role which the Waterway Park can play in creating an attractive location around which new homes and businesses can grow has been recognised by Central Bedfordshire Council.

“The Waterway Park will help create a strong sense of place and identity. With current pressure for more jobs and homes locally, the early establishment of an attractive and sustainable environment will be key to making a difference.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to create something unique for the communities between Bedford and Milton Keynes and we very much hope that it will add a positive to the always difficult debate about new homes.”