“Bed time” burglar sentenced to three years in prison

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A couple who were burgled as they put their children to bed, have praised Bedfordshire Police for their “impressive performance” and “support”.

Stephen McCay, 23, of Winifred Road was convicted of the break-in, which occurred in Queens Drive, Putnoe at around 8pm on June 13.

One of the homeowners saw McCay in their garden from a downstairs window and found £80 in cash and a smart phone had been stolen.

They wrote in a letter to the police: “We doubt we will ever get over this as there will always be a permanent scar, but the performance of all the police personnel we encountered has been most impressive. Your support and effective management of this situation has meant we sleep easier.

“We consider our home to most precious, and our place of solace. To have someone wrench this away is heart-breaking. This is truly a most despicable crime. We would like to thank everyone in the police service for their professionalism which we observed first-hand.

“You are all a credit to the service and we will always be indebted.”

McCay was arrested within two days of the crime when officers linked him to the burglary after the stolen mobile phone and a pair of gloves were found outside a nearby school.

Detective constable Adam Cave, said: “This burglary was committed while the occupants of the property were at home, putting their children to bed upstairs. The violation and distress they experienced as a result of having their home broken into and their hard-earned goods stolen is immeasurable.

“I am pleased that McCay has been given a long custodial sentence and won’t be free to cause further upset to other families in the county.”

McCay was sentenced to a total of three years and four months for burglary at Luton Crown Court on July 19.