Beavers have fun and games at factory full of chocolate

Flitwick beaver scouts at Cadbury World
Flitwick beaver scouts at Cadbury World

A group of 80 beaver scouts, adult volunteers and parents from Flitwick Scout Group had a day of fun at the Cadbury World factory, bringing home some tasty chocolate treats.

After a tour of the factory, the children watched a 4D cinema where many of them tried to grab eggs that ‘came out of the screen’ and then had time for fun in the playground before heading home.

The beaver scouts have recently been working on their creative badge which has included designing and making a card and making model machines out of reclaimed materials.

When the children talked about inventing machines, Carlos said: “I would like to invent a machine that would do my homework.” When Alice was asked the same question she said: “I would like a machine to tidy my bedroom!”

Edward Levins, who is moving from beavers to cubs, said: “I’ve had a great time in beavers and I’m really looking forward to doing some more exciting activities with other people.”

The group provides a wide range of activities for children aged 6 to 14, opportunities for young leaders, aged 14 to 18 to learn and develop skills such as teamwork, planning and working with young people, and adult volunteers aged 18+ to share their skills and knowledge with others and help young people develop.

Adult volunteer, Nigel Taylor said: “Recent research showed that lots of children don’t get the opportunity to play in the woods or in the park, but at Flitwick Scout Group we endeavour to provide the children with as many opportunities as possible to get outdoors, have fun and learn about the environment.”

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