Beaver scouts at Flitwick enjoy international themed evening

Flitwick Scout Group continues to grow as their annual census return showed an increase of nearly 6%.
Flitwick ScoutsFlitwick Scouts
Flitwick Scouts

They now have 216 boys and girls aged 6 to 14 in the group. Lead volunteer for the group, Jonathan Smith, said: “The continued growth of children in the group is due to the brilliant programmes run by all of the leaders in the group.”

One of the highlights for the beaver scouts was the visit of some members of the Jamboree Unit who ran an international themed evening. This included learning about Canada, Mexico and North America, trying on some traditional costumes and tasting some food.

The cub scouts enjoyed an evening making pancakes, cooking them on “tin tops” heated by a candle, and then eating them. They have also been working towards their scientist badge and this has included making a torch, growing cress, cleaning dirty coins with vinegar and discovering how flowers draw up water through their stems.

Astronomy, Morse code, night hike, photography and a skills challenge have all been on the programme for the scouts.

The group have a weekend camp planned for June with over 110 children already signed up for it. They then have a week long camp in August with over 40 children participating.

Sienna McCallion said: “I’ve only been in Beavers for a few weeks but I’ve held a snake, been on a sleepover and got my Navigator Stage 1 badge. Beavers is brilliant.”

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