Battle the bulge with make-believe gastric band and some help from hynotherapist

Mark Nicholson
Mark Nicholson

A hypnotherapist, who has trained under TV star Paul McKenna, pledges to help people battle the bulge by making them believe they’ve had gastric band surgery.

Instead of having to face the risks of going under the knife Mark Nicholson, 48, says he can make clients believe they have already had the stomach shrinking operation.

Mark Nicholson  with Paul McKenna.

Mark Nicholson with Paul McKenna.

The former salesman even uses the sounds of the operating theatre to help with his mind altering treatment and he’s planning to also introduce the smell of a hospital to his treatment room to make the experience more convincing.

“I have had people lose two stone in weight,” said Mark. “People think they have had the band.”

At £200 for three one-hour sessions, it’s certainly a less extreme way to tackle the UK’s growing obesity problem rather than costly surgery on the already struggling NHS.

But it’s not just weight loss that Mark helps people with - he’s cured nail biters, a woman who was scared to leave the house and an A&E nurse who, after years on the frontline of emergencies, struggled to wind down into retirement.

Mark said: “Everybody can change and turn a negative feeling into a positive feeling. I enjoy what I do, I help people all the time.

“I can stop you from biting your nails within 20 minutes to half an hour.

“Phobias are all learnt behaviour. I go back to the time before you were worried about it and then I reverse it all around and re-frame your thought process. It is quite in-depth.”

Mark, who has had a spell working in upmarket Harley Street, first became interested in hypnotherapy when he purchased a motivational tape by Paul McKenna for £9.99.

“I did it for five days and within that month I won a trip to New York for being the top salesman,” said Mark. “It helped me to motivate myself to success at work.”

McKenna was a regular on our TV screens in the 1990s, presenting a number of programmes including The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna, Paul McKenna’s Paranormal World and Hyp the Streets.

Many of his one-to-one clients are celebrities including comic David Walliams, who used McKenna to help to help with his charity swim across the English Channel.

Mark also trained with the European College of Hypnotherapy and Sheila Granger, who is recognised for her pioneering work with the ‘virtual gastric band’.

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