Back sporty Bethany in her bid to represent England

In action: Bethany Dix.
In action: Bethany Dix.

A sporty teenager who has spent years training in the hope of representing England is facing the heartache of missing out on the opportunity because of a lack of funding.

Bedford’s Junior Sports Personality of the Year 2014, Bethany Dix, has raised £2,000 towards her trip to Australia for the indoor netball world tournament but she still has another £1,000 to find.

Bethany Dix.

Bethany Dix.

Bethany, 17, said: “It is something that I have trained for since I was young. I have been playing since I was nine years old and training so hard for all of that time and finally getting to where I want to be means a lot to me.

“I think it is sad that some people can train all their life and get to where they want to be and then don’t get the opportunity to go.

“I’m still hopeful we will raise all of the money. I feel like I can see the finish line but really need a little boost to get there.”

Bethany, who has just completed her first year of A Levels at Bedford’s Kimberley College, has raised a significant chunk towards the costs through a back garden fete in her home village of Wootton, quiz night and raffle.

She said: “I have had such good support from friends and family but I don’t feel like I can keep on asking them.”

The £3,000 will go towards travel, accommodation, training and kit costs.

Bethany hopes that local businesses will get behind her and will display the logos and names of sponsors on her tracksuit or training top.

If she does get to Australia, the teenager says the adventure doesn’t end there. “I’m hoping to study sports science at university so I can then go on and help other athletes,” she said.

“I also teach various sports groups in my free time and being able to pass on what I learn with my experiences in Australia would help so many other aspiring young sports enthusiasts.”

The promising teenager is no stranger to playing for her country, she’s also part of the England Dodgeball team, who are European and Six Nations champions.

To find out about sponsoring Bethany email, or call 07446 807020.