Autistic Alanna needs a four legged friend to improve her quality of life

Alanna Thomson of Marston Moretaine.
Alanna Thomson of Marston Moretaine.
  • Severely autistic Alanna Thomson communicates through pictures
  • A specially trained assistance dog would give her more independent and help keep her out of harms way
  • Mum Charlotte needs to raise £6,500 to pay for the special puppy and its training

A mum is fundraising to pay for a specially trained life changing assistance dog for her severely autistic daughter.

Six year old Alanna Thomson suffers from the severest form of the condition and also has global developmental delay.

Service dog. Library image.

Service dog. Library image.

Mum Charlotte Vallelly said: “She has no speech and she has the brain of a two year old.

“She needs supervision 24 hours a day.”

The youngster, who communicates through pictures, has qualified for a dog with Service Dogs Europe-UK but first Charlotte needs to raise £6,500 towards the costs of the puppy and its training.

“It would make her more independent, which is what we want for her,” said mum-of-four Charlotte, of Marston Moretaine.

“We just really want to improve her quality of life.”

The full time mum has already raised almost £250 in just a week, much of which was collected through a cake and coffee sale outside the village Co-op.

Charlotte also plans to do a sky dive and hopes to organise a village fete in August.

The specially trained dog would be clipped to Alanna to help her with things like crossing the road.

Charlotte said: “She has no concept of danger. They will train the dog in road and water safety and also kitchen safety.

“It will improve her quality of life and it will make her more independent, so if there is anybody out there who can help me that would be fantastic.”

To contact Charlotte about fundraising call 07576 338933. Donations can also be made through