Audiobook success for author of The Human Legion series of science fiction novels

Bromham author Tim C. Taylor
Bromham author Tim C. Taylor

A best-selling author from Bromham is celebrating more success in the publishing world as he sells audiobook rights for his work.

Tim C. Taylor, author of the international bestselling science fiction book series, The Human Legion, has sold the audiobook rights for the first three books in the series to award-winning US audiobook publisher, Tantor Media.

Tim said: “The world of science fiction publishing has utterly transformed in the past five years, and I am proud to play a part of that. A key change is the phenomenal growth in audiobook sales.

“With the release of Andy Weir’s novel, The Martian, as a major motion picture, we’re seeing some of these changes reach the mainstream.

“Andy initially self-published The Martian as a Kindle eBook, and it was an audiobook publisher, Podium Publishing, who noted the novel’s success and moved to acquire the audio rights. It wasn’t until several months later that a major print publisher (Random House) and movie producer (20th Century Fox)caught up with what was happening and made their own offers for rights to The Martian.

“It’s nice to think that I’m following the same path as Andy Weir. Since the series launch last Christmas, my Human Legion books have all been international bestsellers, and with the release of the fourth book, I expect them to break through 60,000 sales later this month. Tantor Media are smart enough to understand the new world of publishing and made me an offer to publish the Human Legion in audiobook editions. I can’t promise I’m going to follow Andy’s footsteps all the way, but if I keep to his timetable, the next step will be to sell the movie rights early in the New Year.

“For books written in Bedford Central Library, Midland Road Costa Coffee, and the Bromham Swan, it feels unreal to think I’m following the ‘Martian’ path to movie success.”

Tim hit #1 on the book bestseller charts in 2012 with his Greyhart Press publishing business. With the success of his space opera series, The Human Legion, he is currently concentrating on selling his own novels and those co-written with author Ian Whates, who recently reached the #1 spot in the science fiction book charts.