Art of miniature tree culture is growing in Bedfordshire

The art of bonsai is growing across Bedfordshire as the fascinating culture of tending miniature trees appeals to more people.

Bedfordshire Bonsai Society
Bedfordshire Bonsai Society

The Bedfordshire Bonsai Society recently held club digs, which has won praise from one member.

Jimmi Garvin said: “At a time when many bonsai clubs are finding it hard to recruit and retain new members, the Bedfordshire Bonsai Society have been doing an amazing job of exactly that.

“Not only does the club have a friendly and welcoming group of people, they are active and have a wealth of events on throughout the year, just to ensure members and others who are interested in bonsai can always get a hands-on opportunity to be associated with the art.

“For many of its members, bonsai is not just a hobby, it is a way of life. Like other bonsai enthusiasts, this fascinating culture of tending to trees in pots has become a day-in day-out part of life, with individuals spending up to 80% of their daily activities looking after their trees.

The feedback from everyone who participated in both of the club’s digs this year was extremely positive. It is unusual that a club manages to co-ordinate two digs in one season. This was partly owing to the increase in club membership and indeed giving its members the opportunity to attend one or both events. A decision which has proven itself to be successful.

“It’s 10/10 from me and wishing the organisers and participants best of luck with all their treasures.”

The society’s next meeting is a workshop and annual general meeting on Wednesday, February 7, at 7.30pm at Toddington Village Hall