Archery club wins grant for new equipment

Clophill Archery Club
Clophill Archery Club

Members of an archery club are all a-quiver after receiving a £250 sports grant.

The cash has been donated by UK Power Networks to Clophill Archery Club as part of the company’s Team Sport Award programme.

It donated the money following an application from employee Charulata Patel, a sustainability advisor at the firm, who attends the club with her 15-year-old son Rohan.

Charulata said: “The donation will go towards purchasing more club equipment; bows, arrows, quivers, protective equipment and more.

“Members who join are allocated a complete set of equipment for them to practice with, initially a beginners set, then as they progress they can swap to intermediate equipment - otherwise, they would be spending £300 to £500 on their own equipment. Obviously, club numbers and wear and tear mean that the equipment constantly needs replenishing.”

During the winter months the club members shoot indoors at a sports hall in Ampthill while the summer months they use club’s field in Clophill. For more information on the club visit their website

The Team Sport Award scheme is designed to encourage staff to volunteer in the community and is aimed at promoting healthy living, teamwork and development of sporting opportunities.

Hundreds of community and sports groups have benefited from grants since the scheme was set up. Last year £13,000 was donated to sporting groups connected to UK Power Networks staff.