Archbishop of Canterbury visits “chilled” Bedford Prison

The Archbishop of Canterbury made a visit to Bedford today for a tour of the prison - and even ate lunch with the prisoners.

During his visit, Justin Welby met staff at the Saint Loyes Street jail including prison chaplains and the governor.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

The Archbishop said: “Bedford has got a very good reputation as a prison. The diocese has particularly good relations with its chaplains, it works very hard at that.

“It has been really impressive.”

The Archbishop said that during his time with the prisoners, one described the “chilled” atmosphere of the prison.

He added: “I ate with the prisoners and spent time chatting with them and listening. One of the best comments from one of the prisoners who said that it was quite a ‘chilled’ prison here.

“It’s not that they have an easy time, anything but, but relationships with officers are good.”