Anti trophy hunting protesters to swarm Woburn Abbey on Bank Holiday Monday

A mass protest against trophy hunting is to be held at Woburn Abbey on Bank Holiday Monday, one the its busiest days of the year.

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 5:55 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 6:03 pm
Trophy hunting
Trophy hunting

Campaigners from Bedfordshire Against Trophy Hunting (BATH) will be demonstrating about the luxury shooting parties that take place on Bedford Estates land.

And they will be urging people to boycott all the Duke of Bedford’s businesses until he agrees to stop the hunting.

BATH has released videos of trophy hunters who pay up to £7,000 to shoot a deer for its antlers at Woburn.

Trophy hunting

Woburn bosses say the hunting is necessary as a “cull” to ensure the deer population remains healthy and sustainable.

A spokesman for the group accused the Duke of Bedford as having “no inclination” to stop the practice.

“We shouldn’t be surprised its all about the money where one of the richest men in Britain is concerned,” he said.

A petition asking for the trophy hunting to stop has been signed by almost 40,000 people.

The BATH spokesman said; “We call upon all our supporters and animal lovers everywhere to boycott engaging any of Woburn Estates commercial interests until such time as the Duke of Bedford publicly commits to stop the breeding and shooting for commercial gain of all the animals in Woburn Estates care.”

BATH protestors spent last month’s Easter Monday Bank Holiday handing out leaflets to cars queueing to visit the Woburn estates.

“There was an overwhelming reaction of shock and disgust that the breeding and subsequent trophy hunting of the deer in the park occurs in exchange for thousands of pounds,” said the spokesman.

Bedford Estates, who run the park, have today failed to comment on the protest.