Ambassador for sign song needs your help

An artist and sculptor from Bedfordshire is helping to improve deaf people's lives by acting as an ambassador for fundraising event sign2sing.
Paul Pibworth with Sign2SingPaul Pibworth with Sign2Sing
Paul Pibworth with Sign2Sing

Paul Pibworth’s grandfather used signed language so when he heard about the event organised by the Deaf Health Charity SignHealth, he was keen to get involved.

Paul will be visiting schools, businesses and community organisations across the Bedford area encouraging them to get involved in the event, which takes place in February.

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Those that take part learn a specially written song with signs and then perform it to raise money to help improve the lives of vulnerable deaf people in the UK and Uganda. The song for 2017 is called Together and has an inspiring message about inclusiveness and co-operation. The video for the song was made by award-winning deaf film maker Bim Ajadi and features deaf and hearing children from schools in Buckinghamshire and London. Paul said: “When I saw the video for the song I felt really motivated to get involved. I learned sign language myself to Level 2 and really enjoyed the experience. I’d love to see people signing and singing to help change deaf lives.” If your school, community group or business would like to get involved contact Paul on 01767 261811 or email [email protected] and visit