Alliance with Addenbrooke’s is right path for our hospital, says MP Richard Fuller

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An alliance with Addenbrooke’s Hospital is the right future for Bedford Hospital to ensure modern, safe and sustainable services delivered locally, here in Bedford, but drawing on the expertise of Addenbrooke’s to meet the challenge of increasing healthcare quality.

That is my view and it is one which is shared, I believe, by many of our local doctors. They understand that many of our specialist clinical “pathways” – where we get treated for very complex conditions – point eastward toward Cambridge rather than westward toward Milton Keynes.

Our hospital leaders know that an alliance with Addenbrooke’s will help us to recruit and retain quality medical staff enabling maternity, paediatrics and A&E in Bedford to meet the ever increasing standards of care rightly demanded by local residents.

Depressingly, options with Milton Keynes have had to be left “on the table” but any rational understanding of that review will clearly show that the answer to the problems at Milton Keynes Hospital cannot be solved by creating more problems at Bedford Hospital. The solution for Milton Keynes Hospital is, in my view, more likely to be found via a merger between Milton Keynes and the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

I have spoken to patients, clinicians, local community groups, and to many local residents individually and there is widespread support for strengthening ties between Bedford Hospital and Addenbrooke’s. People know this will not be the answer to everything, but they believe this would be a step in the right direction.

So I want to enlist you in making this local choice clear to the decision makers in the NHS.

If you support an “Addenbrooke’s Alliance” future for Bedford Hospital email me at

Our hospital has a great future, but we have to help shape it.