Airlander back on its feet after test flight crash

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The Airlander Team has announced two changes to the aircraft ahead of its imminent resumption of its flight test programme.

An auxiliary landing system (ALS) has been added, which allows the aircraft to land safely at a greater range of landing angles.

Another major accomplishment is the commissioning of the Mobile Mooring Mast which makes it easier to control and ‘push back’ the Airlander when manoeuvering it around the airfield.

Both of these pieces of equipment are new to Airlander, and have been developed as a direct result of learnings the team have established since the flight tests last August.

They will make Airlander easier to manoeuvre and safer to land.

CEO at Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd Steve McGlennan said: “Both of these enhancements are great engineering innovations, and show the creativity and ingenuity of the team working on Airlander to great effect. We look forward to using them for real very soon.”