Air ambulance and crews are stars of the show when medics rescue girl who lost leg

East Anglia Air Ambulance on ch4 show.
East Anglia Air Ambulance on ch4 show.

East Anglian Air Ambulance and crews have made their first appearance on Channel 4’s 24 hours in A&E.

The show, on Thursday, October 30, featured the story of Kerry Waters who on June 27 was out on her motorbike, she had glanced down at the speedometer but as she looked up she was blinded by the sun.

East Anglia Air Amb crew.

East Anglia Air Amb crew.

Kerry swerved off the road and onto a grass verge where she hit a ditch. Fortunately for Kerry, a lady in a nearby house saw what had happened and came to Kerry’s aid immediately. Whilst speaking to Kerry she first called an ambulance and then Kerry’s family.

Kerry was conscious, and knew that something was wrong as she tried to get up but couldn’t. Despite her driving at a moderate speed she had travelled 65 metres down the road and collided with a telegraph pole, losing her leg.

Kerry’s family and an ambulance arrived; they realised that Kerry would need to be airlifted to a trauma centre. The East Anglian Air Ambulance was tasked and the crew stabilised Kerry and sedated her before flying her to St George’s Hospital in London.

Kerry went into surgery immediately, and was in St George’s Hospital for a week before being transferred closer to home for rehabilitation. Kerry’s determination and will to reclaim her life meant that she was home in just six weeks.

Despite losing her leg, Kerry was extremely lucky and the speed at which she was travelling played a part in this.

Kerry is now riding horses again, using a wooden prosthetic leg her granddad made for her, and is making excellent progress. She is looking forward to getting back on a motorbike and returning to as normal a life as possible thanks to the efforts of all those involved in her care.

Kerry and her brother-in-law Jay Abbott have raised just under £4,000, almost enough to fund two missions for East Anglian Air Ambulance. They both took part in Run to the Beat, on September 14, a 10k course starting and finishing at Wembley Park; Jay was pushing Kerry in her wheelchair.

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