Actor Aidan Whytock passes on tips to University of Bedfordshire students

Students picked up performance tips when US TV show actor Aidan Whytock paid them a visit.

Monday, 28th January 2019, 2:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:26 pm
Aidan Whytock with students

Aidan, best known for his roles as Jacob Garrett in Black Sails and Brian Chase in Homeland, ran an acting masterclass for University of Bedfordshire students, offering advice on learning lines and how to perform well in auditions.

“I focused on some acting exercises to get the students to drop into their truth, get out of their head and listen more effectively, because a great scene comes from great listening,” said Aidan. “The students have been great. They have been proactive and got stuck in – they are keen to learn.”

Aidan took the students through a number of exercises to break the ice, then gave them tips on how to remember lines more effectively. He also offered advice on how to give a good audition and how to impress a director.

Dr Maria Wiener, senior lecturer in Media Performance said: “Aidan’s workshop gave our students insightful information on building confidence and strength as a creative practitioner in the media industry. His approach was open, interactive and invaluable for our students. He shared with them top tips from his own experience as an actor, director and producer and motivated them to follow their own ambitions driven by their passion and integrity. It was an honest, heart to heart exchange, which encouraged the students to overcome their reservations and see the bigger picture.”

Second year student Jack Martin said: “Aidan’s experience genuinely shone through with the way he connected with us. He gave us a unique insight into the acting industry, point-by-point specific tips on possible ways to get into the industry, and made the class upbeat, interactive, fun and ultimately a safe space in which to experiment with our ranges as actors.”

First year student Samuel Olufa said: “The examples he showed of his work has shown that anyone in this day and age can make quality content if they have the motivation and the right people to help. The workshop has given me more confidence to go and create and audition.”