Action to drive down town’s pollution levels

Nitrogen dioxide is expelled from vehicle exhausts.
Nitrogen dioxide is expelled from vehicle exhausts.

Steps are being taken to improve the air quality in Ampthill’s town centre.

Central Beds Council is taking action to reduce predicted raised pollution levels in parts of the town.

The council’s regular air quality monitoring across the region showed that levels of nitrogen dioxide in the town centre will exceed national guidelines if action is not taken.

Councillor Brian Spurr, who oversees community services, said: “We regularly monitor air quality levels across Central Bedfordshire and compare them to national averages, and it is rare to have any cause for concern.

“However, our predictions are that nitrogen dioxide levels will exceed national guidelines which is why we are acting now to help reduce them before there are any problems.

“We have already consulted residents before creating the air quality management areas and we will be seeking public feedback on our action plans too before they come into force.”

Air quality management areas have now been introduced in parts of Bedford Street, Church Street, Woburn Street and Dunstable Street.

This will allow the council to develop action plans in an attempt to reduce pollution levels.

The action plans will be developed in liaison with other agencies and stakeholders and will then go out to public consultation before the final plans are introduced.

The air quality management zones will remain in place until the raised levels of nitrogen dioxide, caused by traffic congestion, are reduced.

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