Academy stars join worldwide festival of theatre

Talented students at Wootton Academy are taking part in the Connections Festival this week with performances of The Musicians, by the school’s Youth Theatre, YT43, as part of the National Theatre’s annual event.

Performances run on Wednesday, March 2 and Thursday, March 3, at 7.30pm.

The Connections Festival is the biggest of its type in the world and will involve 500 youth theatre companies

Connections began 20 years ago when teachers and directors wanted exciting and challenging new plays for young actors.

Since then the National Theatre has commissioned and published more than 150 plays for Connections, giving young people aged 13-19 across the UK and Ireland access to the very best new writing for theatre.

The story follows the orchestra of Ridley Road, a state school, which is to give a concert in Moscow at the European Festival of Youth, playing Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony before an audience of cultural bigwigs. But their instruments have been impounded by customs. Luckily Alex, the Russian boy who cleans the hall, is a devout Pinball Wizard fan who comes up with a plan that saves everyone.

Performances are suitable for ages 11 and over. Tickets available from the school 01234 767123 /