A5-M1 link road and new M1 junction 11A opens to Bedfordshire traffic tomorrow

The new road will prevent traffic build-ups like this
The new road will prevent traffic build-ups like this

A new road which links the A5 with the M1 via a new junction in Bedfordshire, will open to traffic tomorrow morning (May 11).

The 2.8 mile dual carriageway, which will be open by 6am, will become part of the A5.

The new M1 junction 11A, which will connect the new road and Central Bedfordshire Council’s new Woodside Link road to the M1, will also open at the same time.

The scheme includes two other new junctions and six new bridges.

The M1, which has had lane restrictions during the construction of the new road, will have been restored to full capacity by that time, including the use of the hard shoulder as a traffic lane at peak times.

Drivers should note that the national speed limit will apply on the new, dualled section of the A5.

Drivers are urged to take extra care as the road layout has changed with the introduction of new slip roads and the new junction. With the renewed use of the hard shoulder as a traffic lane, overhead message signs on the M1 will also start displaying variable speed limit messages instead of the temporary 50 mph speed which was in place during construction.

The new road replaces a section of the A5 through Dunstable which is being handed over to Central Bedfordshire Council and Hertfordshire County Council.

Some minor work including the completion of new sign installation will need to take place after the new road is opened and the old section handed over to the council.