A new Morris dance group in Ampthill searches for dancers to join

Redbornstoke Morris in the swing of things
Redbornstoke Morris in the swing of things

A new Morris dancing group is being set up in Ampthill as Redbornstoke Morris hangs up their bells.

The group is on the lookout for new members to join in and learn the dances or to accopany routines as a musician.

Dancers will learn three different styles that hold a strong tie to Ampthill and were created over the last 40 years by the Redbornstoke group.

The new Morris group will take over from performing at the town’s annual May Day celebrations as well as representing Ampthill at events across the county.

A spokeman for the new group said: “This might just be that ideal opportunity for young families to join in together and share the experience. After all, even young children can be adept at banging a drum, and they usually love the chance to dress up.

“As Morris dancing is one of the oldest forms of street entertainment, outlandish outfits are usually the order of the day – these days the more outlandish the better.

“This offers, for example, the chance for people to indulge themselves with multi-coloured face paints and steam-punk clothing. There really are no rules and the sky is the limit.”

Redbornstoke Morris will continue to attend events next year while they wind down and hang up their bells after 42 years together.

A spokesman said: “They have had many great experiences, had huge amounts of fun, made many friends across the world of Morris Dancing and generated thousands of great memories. But there comes that moment when it is time to stop.”

Anyone interested can email Jamie Fennel lewhan2015@gmail.com