A Level student waits a week for results after Bedford Sixth Form loses work

Joseph Rochester outside Bedford Sixth Form.
Joseph Rochester outside Bedford Sixth Form.

A sixth form student was left waiting for almost one week for his A Level results.

Joseph Rochester, 19, studied at The Bedford Sixth Form and only had his results confirmed on Tuesday, six days later than the rest of the country.

Joseph Rochester was left waiting almost a week for his sixth form to confirm his results.

Joseph Rochester was left waiting almost a week for his sixth form to confirm his results.

His work completed in the first year of his IT course was lost by the sixth form.

On results day he did not receive a complete grade and could not be accepted or declined by his first choice university.

Joseph said: “In the first lesson of second year we didn’t have a grade for the previous year.

“The head of IT told us the teacher lost all the work and hadn’t sent it off to OCR to be graded and that they have no copies.

“In second year I had to complete six units of work rather than three, with work from my other subjects on top of that.”

Without a grade for one of his subjects, Nottingham Trent University could not accept Joseph’s application.

He said: “When I rang the university they said I didn’t have enough units for the course and were ready to decline me.

“The sixth form are not willing to own up to their mistakes.”

When Joseph asked to be sent his A Level grades, his personal information and details were then sent to the wrong email address.

Joseph said: “Not only 
did they lose my work but they lost the work of 50 other students throughout the school, making a similar mistake to what they had done with me.”

Joseph is planning to study international business and he needed to confirm a pass grade for IT. He achieved the right grades for his other two subjects of business and sport.

Joseph’s dad, Richard Rochester, said: “Joseph was predicted a distinction and has now only come out with a pass, without any mitigating circumstances.

“It just seems the sixth form are not particularly bothered.

“One of the things that seemed strange was that he wasn’t on the system for having taken the course when we went to get the results.”

After several conversations with Nottingham Trent, Joseph needed a formal letter from the head of the sixth form for his application to be processed.

Mr Rochester said: “He had to go down there and stand over their shoulder to make sure it got sorted. He shouldn’t have to do that.”

A spokesman from The Bedford Sixth Form said: “All students in the group have passed the qualification – six of them with the highest grade possible of a distinction star and a seventh one with a merit.

“The eighth student in question has had his result, which was a pass, and has discussed with teaching staff if he has cause to appeal for an improved grade following the resubmission issue.”

A spokesman for Nottingham Trent University said: “Universities receive details of students’ exam results through UCAS and make decisions on applications accordingly.

“Results are not always matched against an application and can be delayed.”