A level results: Making the grade for university

The Bedford Sixth Form students are securing places at their first choice universities with better than ever A Level grades.

With a 98 per cent pass rate, the summer 2015 results show a 20per cent improvement in Grades A+B – one of the highest increases nationally.

The Bedford Sixth Form students secured places at their first choice universities with better than ever A Level grades

The Bedford Sixth Form students secured places at their first choice universities with better than ever A Level grades

This means The Bedford Sixth Form students get to choose the best university places for the brightest futures.

Head Gail Cocozza said: “We are delighted that our specialist sixth form, the largest in Bedfordshire and offering the widest range of courses, also means quality A Level results.

“We know our good work is continuing as we have seen an upgrade in our AS results of 9% for those who are coming through to A2 examinations next year. That improvement is significant as it proves The Bedford Sixth Form is upgrading its student performance year upon year.”

Chairman of The Bedford Sixth Form, Kevin Bromboszcz, said: “The Board sees this as a long term project: to create a specialist sixth form college for Bedford. We have seen a very significant improvement yet again, well above the national average, and an excellent set of results. We have in place a first class leadership team led by Gail Cocozza and first class students. We already send more students to university than any other local state, or private, school and this year nearly all will achieve their first choice place.”

Results include:

Charles Selvaggi, 19, of Bedford, gained A stars in English, Film and his ExP in English, plus an A In History. He is off to Kings College, London to study English Literature with a view to a career in the movie business.

Joel Course, aged 18, of Kempston achieved A star in Communications & Culture and English Language & Literature, and a B in Psychology. He is now off to study journalism at Sheffield University.

Howard Fisher, 18, of Sharnbrook is destined for a career in foreign security after gaining an A in his Extended Project on the subject of Terrorism, A in Citizenship and Cs in Sociology and English. First he is off to Royal Holloway to study international relations.

Ellia Rajan, 19, of Queens Park gained an A star in Maths, A in Comms and B in English and is off to Brunel University to study creative writing.

Twins Adam and Tom Harper, aged 18, of Greenfield, Flitwick, are taking different direction now after each achieving 3 A Levels.. Adam is off to Aberdeen and Tom has well paid job in the NHS and is considering his options.

Scarlett Pinson, 18, of Milton Keynes gained an A at Comms, B English and C History and will now study Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion.

Brother and sister Ryan and Jaimee Hay of St Neots are looking forward to successful futures. Ryan, 19, gained an A star in Comms, A in RE and B in English and is off to Canterbury, Kent to study English Language and Philosophy. Jaimee, aged 18, got an A in Film Studies, and B in English and Comms PLUS a fantastic 100 out of 100 for her film paper. She is off to Nottingham Trent to study Education and Special Needs.

Eleanor Dhaliwal, aged 18, of Shortstown achieved an A star in Sociology, A in Geography and C in Environmental Studies and is off to Royal Holloway to study Geography.

Jess Swanston, 18, of Newton Blossomville gained an A star in Art and As in Environmental Studies and Biology. She is considering her options.

Jo Rance, 18, of Tempsford, gained A stars in Art and English and a B in Sociology. She is off to Loughborough to study Textile Design.

GCSE school students considering where to study for their AS and A2 levels can join an Open Event at The Bedford Sixth Form in Bromham Road on Thursday 20th August 20th 12 noon – 7 pm