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The Mayor of Bedford has vowed to take strong action against culprits who fly-tip after the removal of 13 tonnes of rubbish cleared from a layby.

Dave Hodgson, speaking exclusively to the T&C, said: “I am absolutely furious. I am a local resident too and it is an affront that people can do this.

“I say enough is enough, it is about being fair.”

Bedford Borough Council plans to target those who dumped the waste, and those who have handed them their waste with no regard for how it would be disposed of.

Mr Hodgson said: “It is simply unacceptable to honest taxpayers and honest businesses that some vagabond just decides to leave their rubbish behind which costs us all.

“If someone asks you to take your waste away you have to consider where it will be dumped.

“Everyone has a duty to report such behaviour and I strongly encourage them to do so.”

As reported in last week’s T&C, travellers camped on waste ground near to Norse Road in Bedford.

The piles of rubbish recovered totalled 13 tonnes including large quantities of rubble, window frames, slate tiles, glass, wood, garden waste, plasterboard and a significant amount of human faeces.

The Mayor said: “Local residents were rightly furious at the disgusting amount of rubbish dumped on Norse Road following the unauthorised encampment there last week.

“They can be assured we will be seeking to take any possible enforcement action against those responsible for this disgraceful mess. 

“The council does not own the land in question – however we worked swiftly to get the rubbish removed as a matter of urgency.”

The council is inspecting the refuse to establish where it came from, and to find out who released the waste which ended up in the layby.

Any individuals or businesses identified will face enforcement action by the council.

If you have any information about fly-tipping please contact the council on 01234 718060 or visit http://www.bedford.gov.uk/transport_and_streets/street_care__cleaning/fly-tipping.aspx

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