The Stig gets back on the track in head-to-head with Rory Reid as pair take on Kärcher's top vac challenge

Swapping the test track for the ‘test vac’, Top Gear legends Ben Collins (a.k.a The Original Stig) and motoring journalist Rory Reid went head-to-head in a race with a twist – test driving Kärcher’s new Wet & Dry Vacuums.

The pair met at well-known racing track Brands Hatch to debut Kärcher’s new WD range and put the tough outdoor machines through their paces with a series of amusing cleaning challenges. The motoring enthusiasts were in competition to get a pole position on the ‘Kärcher Top Vac’ leader board.

The fun film sees Ben and Rory make light work of the course with the iconic yellow machines, from cleaning up popcorn spilt in a McLaren, to effortlessly vacuuming nails, water and sludge.

Wet and Dry vacuums are perfect for the tougher cleaning jobs around the home including interior car cleaning, DIY projects and renovations, as well as cleaning cellars, garages, workshops and outside areas. These types of jobs may damage traditional vacuums which are suited to indoor cleaning only.

Kärcher has recently introduced range improvements to its Wet & Dry vacuum line-up and launched two new models – the WD 6 Premium and WD 3. The range comes with a new slick design, and improved functionality including larger storage space for accessories, and a practical blower function for when vacuuming is not possible.

Ben Collins said, “It was fun to get back on the track, and test-drive the new WD range from Kärcher. Rory certainly put me through my paces to top the leader board, but the biggest surprise of the day was how versatile the machines were - from sucking up metal, to some sludge, I’ll definitely be getting one for my garage.”

Rory Reid said, “When Kärcher set me this WD challenge against Ben ‘The Stig’ Collins, all I wanted to do was win! These yellow machines are packed with power, and I made light-work of the course… it was never in doubt! It’s a must have for car owners.”

Harry Turner, Product Manager at Kärcher said “We loved watching Ben and Rory put all the new models through their paces in this challenge. It really demonstrated just how versatile these machines are in picking up anything from nails to wet dirt and fluids. The WD range has great appeal to car and DIY enthusiasts alike.”

The new WD 6 Premium is Kärcher’s most powerful model yet and delivers excellent cleaning performance with extremely high suction power, facilitating fast and efficient dirt removal. It is able to pick up large amounts of dirt and can also pick up very wet dirt and fluids, without having to change nozzles. It has a built-in power outlet which synchronises automatically with power tool meaning dirt that results from sanding, cutting and drilling is vacuumed away immediately. It comes with a wide range of complimentary accessories for multifunctional cleaning applications. Its compact design means it can be easily stored in sheds, garages and workshops. It is available on the Kärcher website now for an RRP of £249.99.

Watch the full film here.

Shop Kärcher’s new WD range here.