Free home energy-saving grants: Exploding myths and how to save cash on your bills

Sometimes things can sound just too good to be true and homeowners are cautious – we asked the people at Home Upgrade Grants (HUG)  to explain how their energy-savings grants assessment scheme works, and who it could help in Bedfordshire.

Everyone is feeling the pinch as the cost-of-living crisis bites, and fuel costs are a major source of worry.

But a government and council-backed scheme which offers free home energy-savings support to qualifying households could help people in Bedfordshire with restricted incomes improve their hard-to-heat homes.

What is the scheme?

The HUG (Home Upgrade Grant phase two) scheme is part of the Warmer Homes Project, and it specifically helps people who don’t have gas heating or boilers in their home. Eligible households can benefit from energy-saving and bill-reducing air source heat pumps, extra insulation or solar panels

Who pays for it?

The good news is, not the homeowner! The scheme is backed by various councils and central government, and offers home upgrade work to be carried out by qualified and certified specialists.

Do I have to have a job? Must I be on benefits?

The main test is the total income in the household, not the source of the income. The threshold has been increased to £36,000, which means more households than before could qualify. The total income can include wages and/or benefits; this scheme is not restricted to whether you work or not. Some people in certain means-tested benefits may also qualify. You must own your own home outright or with a mortgage. Other schemes for tenants and landlords are available.

Are there any catches?

This is a Government-funded Scheme. There is total transparency around the qualifications process, and applicants are kept up-to-date with the outcome of their application, so they are totally clear if funding is covering the costs.

When do I have to apply by?

While works can be carried out into early 2025, the closing date for applications is September 2024 – but the sooner the better. Applications are assessed on a first come first served basis, so householders shouldn’t delay – find out today if you might qualify.

Visit today to find more information and to fill in an application.

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