These are the UK's 20 friendliest cities

We all might like to think of our home city as a welcoming place, but there are some that stand out far above the rest when it comes to making visitors feel at home.

By Claire Schofield
Friday, 27th September 2019, 9:33 pm
These cities stand out when it comes to making visitors feel at home
These cities stand out when it comes to making visitors feel at home

To discover where to find the friendliest cities in the UK, Big Events Travel asked their 1.5 million strong social audience to weigh in on where you will be made to feel the most welcome. From strangers helping you find your way, to making friends with locals in a bar, these are the top 20 friendliest cities in the UK.

Taking the top spot thanks to its lively locals, engaging social scene and ease of access for first time visitors, Newcastle is considered family-friendly and safe with a great atmosphere
Making Scotland proud with its friendly attitude towards strangers and tourists, Glasgow has a warm and welcoming community, and its lively buzz makes a popular destination for city breaks
The people of York welcome visitors with smiles and warmth everywhere you go, with the city ranking highly in regard to the locals being especially helpful towards strangers who are a bit lost
Regarded as one of the friendliest cities in England thanks to its multicultural mix of residents, Manchester is easy to navigate and boasts plenty of bars and social hangouts to make new friends
A popular haunt on the tourist trail, the tourism industry in Bath is strong and the locals do the city proud with their attitude towards visitors
With its great cosmopolitan vibe and large community of locals and expat residents, Liverpudlians are quick to make the city welcoming for all who visit
The charming seaside city of Brighton has become something of a must-visit destination in recent years and locals are very friendly and helpful. It is also a very LGBTQ+ inclusive area, with one of the best Pride events in Europe
Easily passed by on route to other parts of Northern Ireland, Derry is well worthy of a visit, being a place of great culture and rich history. Locals are keen to share their traditions and city highlights with new arrivals
Previously voted among Britain's safest cities, Southampton is also considered to be super friendly, making a positive first impression to new visitors
Nottingham is a melting pot of people from all across the country and is littered with welcoming communities. Plus it has a great transport system, making it extremely visitor-friendly
Home to many different cultures, the neighbourhoods in each suburb of the city have a great community feel and Birmingham's multicultural vibe makes it a great place to both visit or live as a foreigner
Strangers are treated with warmth and respect in Exeter, making visiting as a tourist a great experience. And despite being small, it has a great atmosphere
This vibrant city is full of charm and has a large community of locals and expat residents who help make it welcoming for all. It also has a lot of kid-friendly activities - perfect for family visits
Whether you were born and raised here, or are just passing through, locals will treat you with the same kind attitude, making you feel right at home
It may not rank as highly as Glasgow, but easy-to-navigate Edinburgh was highly praised for its helpfulness towards strangers, allowing no visitor to wander around lost
Residents in Wolverhampton are always keen to strike up conversation with fellow locals and those just passing through, ensuring a friendly experience for all
Down-to-earth and willing to help, Durham locals have a great attitude towards strangers, lending it a wonderful community feel
Plymouth locals tend to be genuinely interested in what strangers have to say and will often engage in conversation, or offer a friendly 'hello'
Out-of-towners praised Leicester for how friendly and polite locals are to newcomers, noting visitors are always made to feel welcome
As well as being very student-friendly with its young population, Aberdeen is also a popular haunt on the tourist trail and has a friendly attitude towards visitors