Special Prize for Nature Conservation 2012

Bomb shells, wildlife and fruit trees are the highlights of one garden that was been awarded the special prize for nature conservation in our Garden of the Year competition.

Monday, 10th September 2012, 10:02 am

Roger Markham, 56, says he was delighted to be awarded the prize in our competition.

He started gardening around five years ago when he was made redundant from his job and says his garden has just grown and grown.

Roger, of Bunkers Drive, Cotton End, said: “Being a grandfather I started the garden for the children, and now grandchildren, really. I have always loved wildlife and have always enjoyed teaching the children about it.

“I was made redundant about five years ago, luckily I had paid off the mortgage and the children had left home, so I didn’t have any financial worries, so I could really devote my time to the garden.

“It’s just grown since then really.”

The garden now boasts three ponds, some filled with newts and frogs and some empty, fruit trees, and two empty bomb shells that Roger acquired from a nearby farm.

He added: “The bomb shells are a real talking point and the kids love to sit on them.

“I was really chuffed to win in this category, I’ve never entered anything like this before so it’s great to be recognised.”