Prejudice battles ability and determination in Place play

Bedford Drama Company presents a thought-provoking production of JessicaSwale's critically acclaimed Blue Stockings next week.

Strength and talent shine through Blue Stockings
Strength and talent shine through Blue Stockings

The play is set in 1896 at Girton College, Cambridge. It tells the story of the Mistress of Girton and her determination to win the female students the right to graduate. In doing so, they risked being branded a ‘blue stocking,’ a derogatory term for female intellectuals who were not granted degree status from Cambridge until surprisingly recent times.

The play offers a powerful account of the struggle for academic equality, with the female students enduring antiquated prejudice from their male counterparts and lecturers. Regardless, the girls’ strength, determination and equal ability shine through.

Jenny Curzon is directing the show. She said: “Although set in 1896, it touches on many different subjects that still resonate today.

“The play presents the very harsh reality of male attitudes at the time promoting much friction between the sexes. Audiences are certain to get hot under the collar and sucked into the intensity of the story.

“Yet there is also love, hope and most of all a dogged determination for the women to achieve their rights. The play touches all human emotions.”

Jenny added: I’m thrilled to be directing an incredibly talented, strong and large cast for this production.”

Blue Stockings is on at The Place in Bradgate Road, Bedford from Wednesday February 24 to Saturday February 27 at 7.30pm.

Tickets cost £9.50 or £8 for concessions. Visit or call 01234 354321 to book.