Man rescued from vehicle fire after collision near Clophill

MBTC Clophill fire
MBTC Clophill fire

A man was pulled from a burning vehicle which was in collision with a lorry carrying LPG cylinders near clophill yesterday (May 5).

A spokesman for the fire service said the man was trapped in a car but had been freed by a member of the public before the fire service arrived.

Firefighters from Kempston and Ampthill were called at around 13.39pm following the collision between a car and lorry on the A507 between Clophill and Beadlow Manor. Both vehicles were on fire.

The fire service used a Water Carrier from Toddington with firefighters from the Special Rescue Unit in Kempston needing breathing apparatus to protect themselves from the smoke and fumes, using two fire hoses, a main jet and a ground monitor.

They made the potentially dangerous cylinders safe and extinguished the fires by 15.33pm when the incident was closed.