Is Bedford the most money-driven place in the UK?

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-190320-113630001

A study of 30 towns and cities across the UK has found that Bedfordians are more concerned with money than anywhere else.

The research looked at the average number of online searches for money-related queries each month, and compared it to population numbers.

And Bedford topped the chart with 749 searches per month, compared to a population across the borough of 171,623.

Nutmeg, the digital wealth management firm who conducted the research, then gave Bedford a score of 100.

By contrast, Aberdeen was second in the table with 768 searches but a score of only 62.61 because of its larger population.

The rest of the top five were Nottingham, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Nationally the most popular Google searches for money-related questions are ‘How to make money,’ ‘How to make money online,’ and ‘How to save money.’