Three-bed semis are the fastest sellers, survey finds

The latest data from Move With Us, the property services specialists, has revealed that three bedroom semi detached properties are selling the fastest in today’s market.


Results from a survey of more than 200 independent estate agents showed that over 78 per cent sold a property in under seven days in a six month period.

Of those properties, 51 per cent had three bedrooms and according to property type, 39 per cent were semi detached properties, closely followed by terraced houses at 29.5 per cent.

Semi detached properties also topped the poll at 34.5 per cent when estate agents were asked which property types were selling above the asking price in their area. Semi detached properties were followed by detached properties at 26 per cent and terraced properties at 25 per cent.

Robin King of Move With Us said: “The move cycle has increased and homeowners are staying in their properties for much longer.

“As a result, we are likely to see a trend emerging over the next 12 months or so of first time buyers who are looking for a three bedroom property rather than flat or a smaller house.

“The next generation of first time buyers are opting to stay living with their parents for longer so that they can save up larger deposits and move into properties that they can grow into over the next 10 years or so.

“Three bedroom semi detached properties have always been one of the most popular choices for families as well as the buy to let market and as such have always proven to be a solid investment.”