Lower rents than in nearby areas

People renting property in this area are paying less than in nearby counties.


The average advertised rent for a property in East Anglia is £902 per month and across the whole of Great Britain it is £987.

But in Bedfordshire it is a relatively low £752, according to Move with Us and home.co.uk

On average in Beds a one bedroom property will set you back £518 per month, it costs £685 for two bedrooms, £852 for three, £1,194 for four and £1,494 for five bedrooms.

The average property to rent in Cambridgeshire costs £839 per month. In Hertfordshire it is a much higher £1,305 per month, although much of Herts is very close to London where rent is higher.

Landlords in East Anglia were charging an average of £30 more in January 2014 than in the same month the previous year, which is a 3.45 per cent increase.