The 17 bed detached house for sale in Shakespeare Road (Zoopla/Talbies)The 17 bed detached house for sale in Shakespeare Road (Zoopla/Talbies)
The 17 bed detached house for sale in Shakespeare Road (Zoopla/Talbies)

Here are the most expensive houses for sale in Bedford right now

After months of lockdown, you might be finding yourself dreaming of owning a slightly bigger space

How does a 17 bedroom property slap bang in the middle of Bedford sound?

Well, it could be yours for a mere £1,995,000 - and what's more, the property in Shakespeare Road, also boasts two bedroom detached bungalow, if those 17 bedrooms aren't enough. for you. The property is on the market with Talbies via Zoopla.

Situated only five mins walk from Bedford rail station and only 10 mins walk from the town centre, the former hotel is perfectly positioned for workers and it could be yours if you are thinking of renting it out.

The main building itself boasts 5,635sq ft and currently consists of 17 bedrooms (all en-suite); six of these being fully self-contained with kitchenettes.

There are two large communal kitchens plus an additional tea room, two laundry rooms with ample parking and further development potential.

Within the plot also there is a coach house as well as a detached 2 bed bungalow with private garden.

Currently, whilst fully occupied, the properties generate £122,000pa (not including parking that can be charged for). But there is development potential too.

Planning permission has already been sought and granted for:

Converting the bungalow into 5 x 1 bedroom flats

Converting the coach house into a standalone 2 bedroom maisonette

Converting 1 laundry room into another self-contained studio

Approx. Additional revenue from the above would be £60,000pa

There is also approval for change of use to C1 usage (short let), if desired

Most of us can only dream of living in these kind of houses but it's always fun to nosey around Zoopla to see how the other half live.

Here we take you on a tour of some of the most expensive houses currently on the market in the Bedford are.