Car management app bids to stop drivers ever getting another fine

A new car management app that aims to save motorists time and money has been launched claiming it could spare drivers a fortune in fines.

Caura integrates almost every element of car ownership, reminding drivers of important upcoming dates such as MOT time and allowing them to pay for parking and tolls via a single app.

Its creators say that the app should simplify ownership and ensure that motorists don’t get caught out by penalty charges or late or incorrect payments, which cost UK drivers around £2 billion a year.

Available on Apple devices now and coming to Android later in 2020, the app is approved by the financial watchdog the FCA and can manage multiple vehicles at the same time.

(Photo: Caura)

Users enter their car’s registration number and the app then pulls in the car’s tax, MOT and insurance status and renewal dates. It will then use push notifications to remind drivers before these dates to ensure they keep on top of payments and avoid fines, which can reach £1,000 for driving without a valid MOT. Currently one in four MOTs are carried out late.

Drivers can also integrate selected parking services, regular road tolls and congestion charges into the app and use it in conjunction with payment services such as Apple Pay, to pay any charges via the app, sparing them the risk of an unexpected bill.

Caura founder Dr Sai Lakshmi, said: “The billions of pounds in penalty fees UK consumers incur from mistakes or late payments for parking, congestion charges, road tax, tolls, MOT and insurance are totally avoidable.

“The incumbent system is not only costly but a massive source of anxiety. By eliminating the need for dozens of apps and services, we are removing hassle, confusion and unnecessary expenses of car ownership.”

(Photo: Caura)

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