Best hanging baskets/ containers: Sadie Singh

Sadie Singh has been wowing passers-by in Tyne Crescent, Bedford with her wonderful array of hanging baskets.

Friday, 20th September 2013, 11:03 am
Sadie Singh with her prize winning hanging baskets.

The winner of the Garden Of The Year best hanging baskets/ container catageory, Sadie asked her daughter Sally-Ann to choose the one of three on view in her front garden for judging.

The mauve and white display features serafina and geraniums with the occasional fuchsia which were planted in May and kept in tip top condition with plant food.

Delighted at her win, Sadie said: “I have people knock on the door to ask where I bought them, but I make them all myself.”

With the sun shining on the front throughout the whole day, she has been kept busy this year with watering, sometimes three times a day.