Weight loss saved me after Fiat 500 rolled THREE times - says Bedford woman

We all know the health benefits of losing weight but for one woman, it literally saved her life.

And if you are struggling to lose those extra pounds after the excesses of Christmas, Alison Thornthwaite's story might just give you some much-needed inspiration.

The 62-year-old, of Turvey, was driving her car from Olney back home when she hit some mud on the road.

"I was only driving at 33mph but my car took a tumble and I ended upside down in a ditch. It was a bad car accident and I my car overturned three times."

Alison Thornthwaite before and after

Thankfully, Alison was able to climb out to safety - walking away from nothing but cuts.

"I was very lucky. I truly believe that my weight loss saved me as I managed to climb out of the smashed back window of my Fiat 500. Something that would have been impossible at the beginning of my Slimming World journey.”

Alison didn’t struggle much with her weight until well into her late 50s - mainly due to an operation on her feet affecting her ability to exercise.

With a little too much time on her hands, and friends and family cheering her up with treats like afternoon tea, the weight crept on.

Alison Thornthwaite's Fiat 500

“Funny how you don’t really notice the change until your jeans really are two sizes too small," she said.

But the final straw came when Alison attended a wedding.

“I tried to keep away from photos but the few I was in really shocked me. I blamed my poor husband for not telling me how I looked - but bless him, I think he was frightened to upset me.”

Alison joined the Bromham Slimming World group the very next Tuesday, and in her words it was the “best decision ever.”

She said: “I have found losing weight really easy. I have really enjoyed being able to eat plenty of nice filling foods like pasta dishes, roast dinners, and even curries, and no need to go hungry. I have even lowered my target weight twice as I did even better than I thought I would do.”

For more information about joining, call Susan the consultant on 07717 870513 or head to Slimming World Bromham on Facebook.