Police welcome new act banning sale of legal highs

legal-highs gv PPP-151012-121651001
legal-highs gv PPP-151012-121651001

Beds Police has welcomed a new piece of legislation which bans the production, supply, export and import of so called ‘legal highs’.

The New Psychoactive Substances Act came into force at midnight (May 26)and applies to any substance which produces a psychoactive effect on a person. Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and controlled drugs are exempt from the act.

The aim of the law is to reduce the risk of harm to individuals who may take such substances in the misguided belief that they are less harmful than drugs which are already illegal.

Detective Chief Inspector, David Cestaro, said: “New psychoactive substances or ‘legal highs’ have a constantly changing chemical make-up, which has previously allowed them to escape the controlled drugs’ legislation and also makes them particularly dangerous as it is not possible to judge what the effects will be of taking them.

“We’re therefore really pleased that this legislation has been introduced and hope that it makes people realise that taking these substances does carry a big risk and the sale of them will not be tolerated.”

The law allows shops and websites that sell psychoactive substances to be shut down, and police have been working with premises in the county in the build up to the Act coming into effect.

DCI Cestaro added: “We’ve been working with our partners to educate and brief shops about the change in law, and we will continue to work together to ensure that these dangerous substances are not readily available to the public and so reduce the substantial harm that we have seen in the past.”

A leaflet has been produced by the Home Office to educate young people on legal highs, please find attached.

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