Personal trainer from Bedford proves you can eat a McDonald's a day and still LOSE weight

But don't worry - Darren Tysoe's extreme experiment has got a serious message behind it

The Sharnbrook-based personal trainer took up the challenge just for the month of February - and was shocked to discover he's already LOST 11lbs.

And while he's not advocating you bite into a Big Mac and fries every single day, the 38-year-old is hoping his extreme experiment will help others not get too disheartened if they fall off the wagon every now and then by ordering the odd takeaway, having a few drinks or treating yourself to that giant chocolate bar that just WON'T STOP STARING AT YOU.

"Everyone has this mindset that if they slip, they'll just start watching what they eat next month. But it doesn't matter if they have something naughty now and then - you can still carry on."

Darren Tysoe's extreme experiment

Darren, who runs Tysoe Fitness, believes you can still progress towards your desired result IF you have a balanced lifestyle with food, as well as keeping fit and exercising. And to not demonise yourself if you slip every so often.

"I wanted to see if I could use the challenge to show how important being accountable towards your daily intake of calories are - and the importance of understanding nutrition."

His challenge has got a lot of interest on Instagram and Facebook - but the big shock for his followers came when he revealed just how many calories there are in the fast food.

A Big Mac will cost you 508 calories with medium fries setting you back 337 calories - and the new Sticky ‘n’ Sweet BBQ Chicken burger is an eye-popping 715 calories.

Darren Tysoe before the experiment

But - amazingly, because Darren, who lives in Kempston - is watching what other nutrients he is putting in his body, he's been able to LOSE weight during the challenge.

And is he worried people will now just think it's OK to eat a Big Mac everyday in the misguided hope the weight will dramatically drops off?

"There's not a lot of nutrients in this," said Darren. "The trick is how much protein, fat and carbohydrates you are having. It's about being more aware."

You can follow Darren's progress on Facebook at TysoeFitness Personal Training, on Instagram @tysoefitnesspt or here