UPDATE: Bedford records 37 new cases of coronavirus in one day while Central Beds has 12 more

The town now has 326 people diagnosed with virus

Today (April 20), Bedford has recorded 37 new cases with a total of 326 people diagnosed with the deadly virus.

Central Bedfordshire has 372 cases, up from 360 and Luton has 473 cases, up from 471.

These numbers are lower than Hertfordshire (1,552) and Buckinghamshire (625). Although Milton Keynes (390) appears to be slowing down, members of the public are urged to remain indoors as much as possible to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Bedford (Google)

The new figures are now recorded between 5pm the previous day to 5pm.

On Monday, March 23, the government announced tougher social distancing measures, with all outdoor activities prohibited except for food shopping, one daily exercise, treatment of a condition and any essential travel for work. And last week, the lockdown was extended by a further three weeks.

Nationally, the number of coronavirus cases now stands at 124,743. The number of deaths has now been recorded as 16,509, according to Public Health England.