Moggerhanger hospice concerned that its supplies of PPE could run out

Sue Ryder provides palliative care for patients

A hospice that recently launched an emergency appeal to save its end of life services, is concerned that Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) may run out.

Sue Ryder, the national healthcare charity, is appealing for the public’s support to keep its services going, which includes Sue Ryder St John’s Hospice in Moggerhanger.

Sue Ryder charity employs over 1,000 doctors and nurses and is currently providing palliative care for coronavirus patients as they end their lives. The charity is concerned that it could run out of PPE.

St John's Hospice Moggerhanger

A spokesperson for Sue Ryder said: “In a bid to be able to continue caring for the dying, Sue Ryder is having to purchase PPE through private companies but it is poor quality and in most cases ineffective.

“Without immediate changes to the PPE supply chain the charity will have to cease providing care for dying people across the country which will put significant additional strain on the NHS.

“We recently launched our emergency appeal, and are so grateful to everyone who has donated and given us their support so far.

“We are still asking the public to support it and give what they can afford - every little really does help.

“We have also raised our concerns about PPE with the North East Bedfordshire MP Richard Fuller, who has been really supportive, raising our concerns locally and nationally.”

North East Bedfordshire MP Richard Fuller has talked to St John’s Hospice and Sue Ryder about the concerns around PPE.

He said: “St John’s Hospice is such a vital part of community. I have spoken to the national Sue Ryder and St John’s Hospice about their concerns.

“The good news is that locally the staff are doing a fantastic job and they have not run out of any stock.

“They are always some issues and concerns but there is not currently a shortage locally.

“Nationally, for Sue Ryder, the reason they put the appeal out was because they are concerned that there could be a shortage. I am very pleased that locally there is not a shortage of PPE.”

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