EVENING UPDATE: Five Covid deaths in Bedford over bank holiday weekend

Nationally, there were over 400 deaths

By Clare Turner
Wednesday, 4th May 2022, 11:08 am

As of last night (May 3), Bedford recorded 120 cases, with a total of 64,113 people now diagnosed with the virus, according to the latest figures from Public Health England

Central Bedfordshire recorded 189 cases, with a new total of 97,730, while Luton has 94, taking the total to 75,028.

The cases recorded cover the bank holiday weekend and yesterday evening.


There were five deaths in Bedford (629), none in Central Bedfordshire (774), and two in Luton (694).

Nationally, the number of coronavirus cases now stands at 22,073,858. The total number of deaths is 175,319.

The figures come from the Government website