Community spirit at its finest in Marston Moretaine

Neighbours helping each other out

By Holly Patel
Friday, 3rd April 2020, 2:31 pm

Residents in a close in Marston Moretaine have set up a free essentials stall to help each other out during the coronavirus pandemic.

There is a stall in Plough View that has bread and bottles of waters for people to pick up, they have also given out masks, gloves, toilet rolls and essential food.

Adnan Hayat said: "The main idea is neighbours looking after each other and any couriers visiting or any keyworkers get benefits of it as well. This will enhance community spirit.

Residents in a Plough View have set up a free essentials stall

"It's fantastic to see a lot of people swapping from the freebies table and a lot of involvement from resident, we have noticed visiting key workers such as couriers etc taking freebies as well, which is great!

"We had arranged independent shipment of hundreds of gloves and masks for our community and all the visitors are benefiting as well as neighbours.

"It is important to see that in this difficult time we are looking after each other."